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United Kingdom - Storm - SuRie

Digital release image
24 - 48 pts, not in semi

SuRie won the BBC's Eurovision You Decide with her song Storm, written by Nicole Blair, Gil Lewis & Sean Hargreaves.

The six songs competing in the U.K. selection were revealed on January 24 and can all be heard here at the BBC's Eurovision pages.

A new version of storm was recorded for Eurovision. It has been released as a digital single, along with an instrumental, on March 7.
Watch and listen here.

7th Heaven have made two remixes of Storm. Both the Radio edit and the Club mix are available through the usual digital sources. (Released on April 9, MMP Ltd).

An acoustic version was released on April 23 (digital, MMP ltd).

[ˈdʌz(ə)n] artwork by Anna Ståhl, pic from SuRie's Facebook
A counterfeit, fake, illegal cdsingle has been spotted, don't buy it. No physical release or promo was made. (so far....)

SuRie (Susanna Marie Cork) released her full debut album Something Beginning With... in 2016 (CD and digital).
This album includes a song (also) titled Storm but it's a different one from the Eurovision entry.
Before that she released a 5 track EP SuRie.
In 2017 she released a single Lover, You Should've Come Over.

In 2019 SuRie release her new album  [ˈdʌz(ə)n] (Dozen) featuring 12 tracks, coverversions of selected songs for every month of the year. As a bonus track on the limited CD release an exclusive version of Storm is added.
At this moment the CD version i still available at
Streaming and downloading links are all here.

Acoustic version DRI

Storm - single version
Storm - instrumental (= karaoke)
- both digital releases
Storm - original
- has been on BBC sites
Storm - 7th Heaven Club mix
Storm - 7th Heaven Radio edit
- digital releases
Storm - acoustic
- digital release
Storm - exclusive CD version
- on forthcoming CD  [ˈdʌz(ə)n]

U.K. top 100: 50
France top 200 (Ifop): 103
Pic from SuRie's facebook
Links and sources:
SuRie: WebsiteFacebook, Instagram
BBC Eurovision pages, Facebook
The U.K. have their moments here: 2017 - 2016 - 2015 - 2014 - 2013 - 2012 2011 - 2010 - 2009

You'll find details on all Eurovision remixes made by 7th Heaven at the end of the 2017 U.K. post about Lucie Jones

Bring Back Eurovision To The U.K..

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