Monday, March 25, 2019

Let's Get Physical

The first cdsingle of 2018
Here's a quick checklist of this year's physical releases (CD's, vinyl) available in the shops.
For promo and digital info please check each country's individual post.

it's very quiet still, on the cdsingle front but we have a limited edition vinyl: Italy.
Spain's cdsingle is out on March 23. Two of the pre-selection songs were also released as cdsingles.
Australia's cdsingle is expected on May 11. (better late than never)
Germany has a cdsingle planned for May 4.
Switzerland ZiBBZ sell their cdsingle in combination with their CD album It Takes A Village.

National Final Albums
Spain - All Spanish pre-songs are available on a special edition Operacion Triunfo 2CD
Also limited edition CDs of both Alfred and Amaia are released.
Sweden - Melodifestivalen 2018 is out on 2CD
Hungary - A Dal 2018 out on 2CD
Italy - Sanremo 2018 all songs on a 2CD
Portugal: 25 of the 26 Festival da Canção Cançãos are out on one CD

This Years Artists Albums
SuRie's Dozen
Poland - Gromee's album Chapter One is out now (March 16)
France - MM's album Vu d'Ici is out on April 20.
Netherlands - Waylons new CD has Outlaw On 'It. (April 13) CD and LP.
Italy - Both Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro have new albums in the shops (both on CD and LP).
Ermal Meta also released a live CDset with two versions of the Eurovision tune.
Germany - Dreamer: The Best Of Michael Schulte is out on May 3, CD and 2LP
Finland - Saara Aalto's CD Wild Wild Wonderland is out on April 27.
United Kingdom - SuRie released her album Dozen in 2019, the CD includes an exclusive new version of Storm.
Croatia - Franka's CD S Tobom has two verions of Crazy
Cyprus - A re-issue of Eleni's album Vasilissa includes three versions of Fuego including the Spanish one.
Sweden - Benjamin Ingrosso has released his CD Identification, also on limited edition vinyl.
Hungary - AWS released a CD Fekete részem including two versions of Viszlát Nyár. A live CD/DVD Madách also includes the Eurovision song.

Gromee seems happy with his CD
The Official Album and stuff
The 2CD with all 43 entries of 2018 was released on April 20.
The karaoke versions are available too, but only digital.
I guess the extravagant vinyl 4LP box of 2017 was a difficult seller, as there will be no similar release this year.
However, if you've got too much money, there's all kinds of other Lisbon 2018 stuff, t-shirts, sweaters, coasters, balloons, fridge magnets, still no condoms though, oh well....
The new Eurovision Board Game is not tied to this contest especially and will last a bit longer, so that may be a nice souvenir.
The DVD release is on June 23. It has three discs and will include unseen behind the scenes material (Universal)
The official site has a shop here.

The Essential Lisbon Handbook is out now, read all about it here.

Dos Abba a Salvador Sobral
If you're in Portugal you can check the bookstores for a new book on Eurovision. It's in Portuguese though, but if that doesn't trouble you...
Eurovisão: Dos Abba a Salvador Sobral by Nuno Galopim tells the 63 year old Eurovision story from a Portuguese perspective. If you're not in Portugal you can buy it at Fnac.
Author Nuno Galopim was the Portuguese commentator for the Kyiv contest and is now a creative consultant for the 2018 contest.
The book is available from May 4. (ISBN 9789896268541)

Portugal 12 Pts.
Another book from Portugal is Portugal 12 Pts by João Carlos Callixto and Jorge Mangorrinha. Inspired by the 2017 victory, this is a trip through Eurovision history with a focus on the Portuguese entries. The book is in Portuguese. (ISBN 9789727806423) and is avialable at Fnac from April 30 on.

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