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Belarus - Forever - Alekseev

New version DRI
15 - 65 pts in semi 1

Alekseev is the winner of the Belorussian National Final held on Februari 16.
His song Forever is written by Kyrylo Pavlov and Evhen Matyushenko.

Forever was released as a digital single on January 10.
The Russian version of the song Навсегда was released on November 10 2017.
The January version is labelled 'Eurovision version' but a new version (for Eurovision) was released on March 28.
This is the one on the official Lisbon 2018 album.

The Forever EP
A digital EP was released on April 23. The physical edition of this EP is one of the promotional items for Alekseev used in Lisbon.
It has 4 tracks:
1. Forever (it's the new version, used at the ESC)
2. Drunken Sun (English version of 2015 song Пьяное Солнце)
3. Навсегда (Russian version of Forever, original long version)
4. Forever - Kraynov remix (Anton Kraynov)

The Forever EP DRI

Digital release image
Ukrainian Nikita Alekseev (Микита Алєксєєв) was a semi finalist in Voice Of Ukraine in 2014 and went on to release one album, one EP  and eight singles. All digital releases only.
His biggest hit in Ukraine and Russia was Пьяное солнце  (Pyanoye solntse, Drunken sun) from 2015.

Forever - new(est) version (3:00)
- the one performed at the contest
Forever - 'Eurovision' version (3:08)
Навсегда - Russian version (3:45)
Forever - Kraynov remix
- digital releases
Forever - karaoke (of newest version)
- digital on the official karaoke album

Russian version digital release image
Links and sources
Alekseev:  Facebook, VKontakte, Instagram
BT (ByTV) Eurovision pages
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  1. Isn’t the song called “Forver”? In the “version” section you have it down as “Togethers”

    1. Yep, you're right. Sorry for that mix-up. Thanks for your help!


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