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Welcome to the Lisbon Collection
Like every year we’ll be bringing you all the release info on entries of this years Eurovision stars.

You'll find all official releases (physical and digital), promo info (as much as possible) and the odd coverversion, chart position and important trivia.
Always more to come, the latest updated pages are at the top of this links list.
Thanks to all record companies and delegations who sent info, much appreciated!
Special thanks to Frederick and to Nigel, couldn't have done it without you.

Israel - Netta Barzilai wins HaKokhav HaBa and comes a'cluckin'.  single version, remixes released. Winner Eurovision 2018. #1 in US dance charts but still NO physical release. More remixes out in September. 2020 new remix
.Bulgaria -  Equinox got some Bones to pick. Listen now, Listen to the Remix Competition mixes, Enerugi Shindo version
Germany - Michael Schulte's Lied Für Lissabon. Dreamer album info, cdsingle on May 4. Remix download
France - Destination Eurovision for Madame Monsieur, Mercy already a top 10 hit. Vu D'Ici album info, promo English & Spanish versions, remixes, listen, Classical version.
Iceland - Söngvakeppnin's choice is Ari Ólafsson, versions, updates. Not Europe's choice. Remix version.
Croatia - Stop! Franka's going Crazy/Home, Midnight session and remixes, CD S Tobom out now.
Let's Get Physical - Quick list of physical releases, now with Book section. Upadtes 2019.
Hungary - A Dal 2CD out now, Let's get loud with AWS, Listen to Summer gone, all versions updated. CD, Live CD/DVD
Cyprus - Eleni Foureira is on Fire!, Fuego revealed, Spanish version out now. 2nd place in Final. Magazine edition. Remix, Platinum edition CD out now
United Kingdom - Eurovision you decide, songs out! SuRie Storms to Lisbon. New version released, 7th Heaven remixes out now! calm after the Storm: Acoustic version out now, CD album out now
Italy - the 68th Sanremo. CD out on Februari 9. Sanremo Vinili, Ermal Meta & Fabrizio Moro win the ticket. ESC version, Live album in 2019.
Sweden - Melodifestivalen CD out now, Benjamin Ingrosso to Lisbon. Remixes out now. Identification CD out on 19-10.
Greece - NF axed, Yianna Terzi to Lisbon and back home again. English version released in June. Remix Pack out now!
Czech Republic - Eurovision Song CZ, Mikolas Josef wins the ticket to Lisbon. Explicit issues fixed, new version(s), Spanglish version.
Austria - Cesar Sampson to Lisbon, listen to Nobody But You, updates, 3rd Place and winner of the Jury Final. Home #1 hit, new versions on The EP.
Belgium - A matter of (out of) time for Sennek?. Acoustic version out now.
Switzerland - ZiBBZ siblings win Die ESC 2018 Entscheidungsshow, Revamp versions out now, versions updates. It takes a village to get the cdsingle. Updates cds/promo
Slovenia - Lea Sirk wins EMA 2018, Thanks, No! Yes! Final! Great! Music Please! Jazz version!
Australia - Jessica Mauboy returns to Europe, for serious this time. 7th Heaven remix on the way? cdsingle update, Remixes out now.
Denmark - Melodi Grand Prix Songs Out (if you're in Denmark), Rasmussen wins. Acoustic versions out now, Remixes Vol. 1.
Moldova - O melodie pentru Europa won by DoReDos, New version, Russian version. More remixes out now, updates
Lithuania - Ieva Zasimauskaitė wins Eurovizijos Atranka, English and Lithuanian versions released, Jovani remixes out now
Macedonia - Eye Cue Lost and found and Lost again, but a new remix is out now, without the reggae bits!
Norway - Melodi Grand Prix picks a winner: A Fairytale come true? Rybak returns, winner of Semi 1
Ukraine - Нацотбора Євробачення. Youlovin Mélovin?
Serbia - Beovizija songs online, Sanja Ilić & Balkanika win, versions update
Ireland - Ryan O'Shaughnessy to Lisbon  To the Final but not in China.
Netherlands - Outlaw Waylon back after the storm, CD / LP The World Can Wait out now. Create your own Outlaw poster
Armenia - Sevak Khanagyan wins Depi Evratesil, Back to the Motherland with Remix.
Albania - The first song for Lisbon, new Eurovision version remains in Albanian, promo info update
Finland - Finland sends Monsters. Again! WWW album info, Remixes out now, Twilight version
Estonia - Eurolaul goes Classic: La Forza to Lisbon, Remixes out now!

Spain - Operación Triunfo revived, Alfred & Amaia to Eurovision, Eurovision Gala CD on February 23. New version of the Cancion and even more OT CDs, cdsingle(s) out now, Your Song in English
Your Boarding pass, the Handbook for Lisbon
Belarus - Еўрабачанне-2018, Alekseev wins, new version out now, The Forever EP, remix, No bed of roses for Alekseev!
Romania - Selecţia Naţională won by Humans!, remixes, promo updates, Goodbye indeed.
Montenegro - Vanja Radovanović wins Montevizija, updates
Georgia - Georgia on your mind?, Ethno Jazz Band Iriao is there For You.
San Marino - First time ever National Final result! Digital release.
Portugal the country - Cláudia Pascoal wins Festival da Canção. FdC CD out now
Poland - Gromee and Lukas win Krajowych Eliminacji Eurowizji 2018, CD Chapter One on March 16. promo info
Malta - MESC 2018 won by Christabelle's Taboo. update
Russia - Yulia Samoylova, allowed in Lisbon, won't break but something broke: Russia run of consecutive finals.
Latvia - Supernova do Brazil, Laura Rizzotto
Azerbaijan - Aisel Cross your heart and hope to ... win! get home safely
Absent Friends - Let's raise a glass...

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Israel - Toy - Netta Barzilai

Congratulations Netta!                      ברכות לישראל
and Jubilations to Israel who clocked up their 4th victory in Eurovision history.
And mazzeltov to the songwriters Doron Medalie and Stav Beger who told us many moons ago that they thought that had a potential winner on their hands. How nice it is to be right!
Now get working on that cdsingle, 12"inch with remixes and a full Netta album for us millions to enjoy.

1 - 529 pts / 1 - 283 pts in semi 1
Digital Release Image
Netta Barzilai (נטע ברזילי) represented Israel in Lisbon and lead the country to victory.
She won the televote in the final and aso won her semi-final.

Israel selected their singer for Eurovision through reality show / singing competition HaKokhav HaBa (The Next Star, הַכּוֹכָב הַבָּא). The song is titled Toy and was officially revealed on March 11.
(even though it leaked two days before that).

Toy is written by Doron Medalie and Stav Beger. Doron Medalie also wrote the Israeli entry Golden Boy from 2015.

Watch the Toy videoclip here at
Two versions have been released as digital singles, the original single version at most sources and the video version.
It's the single version that ended up on the official Lisbon album but the video version was performed at the contest.

No physical release or promo has been released (Bad Netta!).
The picture discs and Russian CD's offered at e-bay are counterfeit, unofficial, without permission, illegal etc. Don't buy them.

Remix DRI
A remix by Sagi Kariv is now uploaded to Netta's Youtube and released digitally.
An extended remix is at Sagi Kariv's Soundcloud.
Not all digital sources have all released versions, you'll have to do some searching for yourself.
The Chen Leiba remix was released on March 3 along with its instrumental.

The Riddler remixes were released on September 15. Digital only.

Netta Barzilai considers herself a Looping Artist which more or less means she performs while synthesing her own sounds in her songs to be used as soon as they happen. It's like what JOWST did last year but our Netta takes it to the next extreme. Can't wait to see how it will work at Eurovision.

A digital EP with a new remic, the #NotYourToyRemix (mixed by Stav Berger) was released through S Curve, Netta's US label. The EP also has the Toy we know and the single version  of Cuckoo.

Chen Leiba Remix DRI
Toy - music video version
- video at, digital release
Toy - single version
- digital release, the official Lisbon album
Toy - Sagi Kariv remix
- video, digital release
Toy - Sagi Kariv Extended remix
- Sagi Kariv Soundcloud, digital release
Toy - Chen Leiba remix
Toy - Chen Leiba remix instrumental
- Chen Leiba mixes are digital releases
Toy - Riddler Dub remix
Toy - Riddler Festival remix
Toy - Riddler Future Vocal remix
Toy - Riddler Future instrumental remix
- Riddler remixes  are digital release
Toy - #NotYourToyRemix 2020
- 2020 remix digital release (S curve)
Toy - karaoke (= instrumental of the single version)
- digital on the official karaoke album

Riddler remixes DRI
Belgium (Flanders) top 50: 29, 35, -
Sweden top 100: 5, 10, 34, 55, -
Netherlands top 100: 60, 72, -
Ireland top 100 (IRMA): 63, -
U.K. top 100: 49, -
German top 100: 19, 53, -
Norway VG lista 40: 19, -
France top 200 (Ifop): 16, 74, -
Switzerland top 100: 34, -
Austria top 75: 15, 44, -
Spain Physical+Digital sales top 50: 4, 37, 47, -
Spain top 100: 16, 25, 65, 82, -
Finland top 20 (Ifpi): 10, -
Suisse Romande top 20: 14, -
US Billboard Dance Songs top 50: 35, 26, 19, 16, 11, 6, 3, 2, 1, 7, 12, 13, 38
+ TOY - Karaoke version !
Spain Physical+Digital sales top 50: 39, -

Pic sampled from Netta's Facebook
Links and sources:
Thanks to Frederick and to Nigel.
Netta Barzilai: Facebook, Instagram
The Next Star at
More Eurovision gems from Israel: 20172016 - 2015 2014 2013 - 2012 - 2011 - 2010 - 2009

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Bulgaria - Bones - Equinox

14 - 166 pts, 7 - 177 pts in semi 1

Bulgaria participated  in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest with the band Equinox. The song and artist were revealed on March 12.
The song is titled Bones.
Watch and listen here

Bones plus its karaoke and instrumental were released as a digital single on March 12.
A promo cds is issued. It has the Eurovision version, instrumental and karaoke.

The song is written by Borislav Milanov, Trey Campbell, Joacim Bo Persson and Dag Lundberg.
Campbell is a member of Equinox, Milanov and Persson were also behind the 2017 entry Beautiful Mess.

Equinox are Zhana Bergendorff, Vlado Mihailov, Georgi Simeonov, Johnny Manuel and Trey Campbell.

Remix Contest / Remixes
The Point Blank Music School and Symphonix International organized a remix contest for the Bulgarian entry.
A pack of remix stems was released to help you create your remix.
Entries were uploaded by the mixers to Soundcloud, if you'll do this search you'll find most of them.
The top three will be released through Symphonix international.
Four mixes (by Three DJs) have been released digitally, so I guess they won the competition. (DJ Burlak, DJ Kuaga and DJ Dagge)

A version of Bones by Enerugi Shindo feat. Equinox was released on September 7 (2018)
Available through the usual digital sources.

Enerugi Shindo version
Bones - Studio version
Bones - Karaoke
Bones - Instrumental
- digital releases, all on promo cds
Bones - DJ Burlak remix radio
Bones - DJ Burlak extended remix
Bones - DJ Kuoga remix
Bones - Dagge Dance remix
- digital releases
Bones - Enerugi Shindo feat. Equinox

Bulgarian top 40: 37, 38, 30, 16, 28, 39, -

Links and sources:
Equinox: Facebook
BNT Bulgaria: Eurovision websiteFacebook, Instagram
Bulgaria's entries to check out: 2017 -  2016 - 2013 - 2012 - 2011 - 2010 - 2009

Monday, May 18, 2020

United Kingdom - Storm - SuRie

Digital release image
24 - 48 pts, not in semi

SuRie won the BBC's Eurovision You Decide with her song Storm, written by Nicole Blair, Gil Lewis & Sean Hargreaves.

The six songs competing in the U.K. selection were revealed on January 24 and can all be heard here at the BBC's Eurovision pages.

A new version of storm was recorded for Eurovision. It has been released as a digital single, along with an instrumental, on March 7.
Watch and listen here.

7th Heaven have made two remixes of Storm. Both the Radio edit and the Club mix are available through the usual digital sources. (Released on April 9, MMP Ltd).

An acoustic version was released on April 23 (digital, MMP ltd).

[ˈdʌz(ə)n] artwork by Anna Ståhl, pic from SuRie's Facebook
A counterfeit, fake, illegal cdsingle has been spotted, don't buy it. No physical release or promo was made. (so far....)

SuRie (Susanna Marie Cork) released her full debut album Something Beginning With... in 2016 (CD and digital).
This album includes a song (also) titled Storm but it's a different one from the Eurovision entry.
Before that she released a 5 track EP SuRie.
In 2017 she released a single Lover, You Should've Come Over.

In 2019 SuRie release her new album  [ˈdʌz(ə)n] (Dozen) featuring 12 tracks, coverversions of selected songs for every month of the year. As a bonus track on the limited CD release (only) an exclusive version of Storm is added.
At this moment the CD version is still available at
Streaming and downloading links are all here.
It really is a beautiful album, go get it!

Acoustic version DRI

Storm - single version
Storm - instrumental (= karaoke)
- both digital releases
Storm - original
- has been on BBC sites
Storm - 7th Heaven Club mix
Storm - 7th Heaven Radio edit
- digital releases
Storm - acoustic
- digital release
Storm - exclusive CD version
- on CD  [ˈdʌz(ə)n]
A Video edit of the 7th Heaven remix can be found here (video only)

In 2020 SuRie recorded a coverversion of Silent Storm, the 2014 entry by Carl Espen (Norway)
Find out all about that here.

U.K. top 100: 50
France top 200 (Ifop): 103
Pic from SuRie's facebook
Links and sources:
SuRie: WebsiteFacebook, Instagram
BBC Eurovision pages, Facebook
The U.K. have their moments here: 2017 - 2016 - 2015 - 2014 - 2013 - 2012 2011 - 2010 - 2009

You'll find details on all Eurovision remixes made by 7th Heaven at the end of the 2017 U.K. post about Lucie Jones

Bring Back Eurovision To The U.K..

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Germany - You Let Me Walk Alone - Michael Schulte

cdsingle insert
4 - 340 pts, not in semi

Michael Schulte won the German selection Unser Lied Für Lissabon. His song, You Let Me Walk Alone is written by Thomas Stengaard, Nisse Ingwersen, Nina Müller and Michael Schulte himself.

You Let Me Walk Alone was first released as a digital single.
A cdsingle was released on May 4. It includes the Eurovision version and the acoustic version of You Let Me Walk Alone.(VUM 7771492)

On May 4 the album Dreamer: The Best Of Michael Schulte was released on LP, CD and digital. See below for tracklist.
The LP is a limited edition double LP on green vinyl.
(Very Us records/Edel).

For promotion in Lisbon a USB bracelet with audio, photos, bio and photos was made.

A remix by M3-O & Topflyte was released through Soundcloud. Also on M3-O CDr album Year One. (pic right)
The CDr has been available at TIOS (sold out now) but the free Soundcloud download is still available.

The German national final decided the entry  Germany in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. Six artists were lined up and battled it out on Februari 22.

Who's Michael Schulte?
Michael Schulte started out as a Youtube singer performing cover songs. He clocked over 50 million views since then and it was just a matter of time for him to be discovered. It was Rea Garvey (of Raemonn of Supergirl fame) who did just that. Together they wrote Carry Me Home which became Michael's first hit (#8 in the German charts).
His debut album Wide Awake was followed by some intensive touring and after that he released his second album The Arising.
In Februari 2018 he won the German selection with all the maximum scores with You Let Me Walk Alone.

Michael's Youtube channel is here.

You Let Me Walk Alone
- cdsingle, CD Dreamer
You Let Me Walk Alone - Acoustic
- cdsingle, CD Dreamer
You Let Me Walk Alone - M3-O & Topflyte remix
- free download at Soundcloud, needs a Soundcloud account
You Let Me Walk Alone - Instrumental (actually karaoke)
- digital release, also on the official karaoke album

German top 100: 27, -, re: 3, 17, 34, 44, 48, 79, 97, -
Sweden top 100: 32, 38, 73, -
Netherlands top 100: 83, -
France top 200 (Ifop): 105, -
Switzerland top 100: 27, -
Austria top 75: 23, 45, -
Spain Physical+Digital sales top 50: 18, -
Spain top 100: 74, -
In September the song charts on the Dutch top 40
Netherlands top 40: 35, 33, 25, 19, 20, 25, 38

Links and sources
Special thanks to Stella at Very Us.
Michael Schulte: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube channel
Unser Lied für Lissabon pages, Facebook
Germany's other Lieder: 2017 -  2016 - 2015 - 2014 - 2013 - 2012 - 2011 - 2010 - 2009

The album Dreamer DRI
Dreamer tracklist
1. You Let Me Walk Alone
2. Rock and Scissors
3. End of My Days
4. Thoughts
5. The Deep
6. Rusted Blood
7. The Maze
8. Dear Doubt
9. Flicker
10. You Said You'd Grow Old with Me
11. Falling Apart
12. Silence
13. Take It All Away
14. Take Me as I Am
15. Mountain Spring
16. Heard You Crying
17. You Let Me Walk Alone (Acoustic)
18. You Said You'd Grow Old with Me (Acoustic)
19. You'll Be Okay (Acoustic)
20. Holding Back the Fire (Acoustic)

Monday, February 3, 2020

France - Mercy - Madame Monsieur

The 3rd "Lisbon" promo cds
13 - 173 pts, not in semi

Madame Monsieur won Destination Eurovision, the French selection for Lisbon with their self penned song Mercy.
Madame Monsieur are Émilie Satt and Jean-Karl Lucas. They released their album, Tandem in 2016, which is well worth checking out.
Their new album Vue D'ici, released on April 20, includes the Eurovision entry in its full original version.
The album is out on CD and through digital stores. A promo issue in a larger (6 inch) pop-up card sleeve is also issued.

Mercy was released as a digital single (Play Two).
In the week before the French final Mercy already entered the French charts at #8.

A 1-track promo with the full version has been made.
The Eurovision edit was revealed on March 13.

Digital Release Image
The 2nd promo has 6 versions of Mercy, . All tracks have also been released as a digital EP. You can listen to all versions at the MM Youtube channel.
This promo was distributed before the contest to radio and other contacts.
1. Mercy - original
2. Mercy - Eurovision version
3. Mercy - English version
4. Mercy - Spanish version
5. Mercy - French remix a.k.a. Remix Electro (French)
6. Mercy - English remix a.k.a. Remix Electro (English)
The English and Spanish version are full (3:58) versions.

A 3rd promo has the same  6 tracks but a slightly different sleeve. This is the one used in Lisbon

Classical version
Madame Monsieur join sisters Camille and Julie Berthollet on their version of Mercy.
The classical musicians (violin and cello) released their version on the CD Entre 2 in November 2018 and a reissued deluxe edition in 2019. (Warner Classical )
It's pretty beautiful. You can watch a video of a live performance here at Dailymotion.

France selected their 2018 entry through a three night preselection.
The final was on January 27. All 18 songs competing have been released (digital)
Find out more here at the Destination Eurovision pages.

Mercy digital EP image
Mercy - Eurovision version
- 2nd promo
Mercy - single version (3:58)
- both promos
Mercy - English version
Mercy - Spanish version
Mercy - Remix Electro (French)
Mercy - Remix Electro (English)
- all on 2nd promo
Mercy - Camille & Julie Berthollet with Madame Monsieur
- CD Entre 2 (Camille & Julie Berthollet)
Mercy - Eurovision karaoke (= instrumental)
- digital release
All versions have (also) been released digitally.

IFOP France top 200: 8, 3, 17, 26, 30, 26, 26, 23, 30, 30, 42, 51, 40, 14, 17, 10, 2, 19, 30, 46, 85, 105, 89, 106, 149, 176, -
Suisse Romande top 20: 16, -, re 8, -
Belgium (Wallonia) top 50) 37, 47, 44, 42, 33, 27, 10, 19, 32, -
Sweden top 100: 90, -

Links and sources:
Madame Monsieur: Facebook, Instagram
France 2 Eurovision pages
French Eurovision history: 20172016 - 2015 - 2014 2013 - 2012 - 2011 - 2010 - 2009

Forthcoming album Vu D'Ici
Vu D'Ici tracklist
1. Comme une reine
2. Mercy
3. Tourner la page
4. Ne me laisse pas
5. Au-delà
6. Ça vaut la peine
7. Quand la nuit nous sépare
8. Qui sait
9. La voyageuse
10. 22.11.2013
11. Des baisers
12. Pour ceux qu'on aime
13. Défends-moi
14. Partir
Défends-moi and previous single Partir also appear on the 2016 album Tandem. Défends-moi is a rap-free re-recording but Partir is the original.
(Low Wood / Play Two records 0190295651268, distr. Warner)

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Iceland - Our Choice - Ari Ólafsson

Picture from digital presskit
19 - 15 pts in semi 1

Ari Ólafsson represented Iceland in Lisbon with his song Our Choice.
The song is written by Þórunn Erna Clausen.
Here's the video of the English version, the Icelandic one (Heim) is here.

Four versions of Our Choice (see below) were released on the digital Söngvakeppnin album(s). The Eurovision version can of course be found on the official All Aboard! 2CD with all this years Eurovision entries.
Update Our Choice was released as a  seperate digital single remix. The release date seems to be May 8 2018, but we missed that at the time. It doesn't mention the song as being a remix at your digital stores and streamers.
But the Youtube version on the composers channel confirms it is made by StopWaitGo, (They also remixed the 2015 Icelandic entry)
(Thanks Rick!)
All promotional material is digital, there is no physical release.

Remix version DRI
Who's Ari?
Ari Olafsson's road to stardom began when he played the title role in the musical Oliver (by the National Theatre Of Iceland) when he was 11 years old.
"Our" Selma Björnsdottir (ESC 1999 and 2005) was the one to discover Ari and he's been busy ever since.
In 2015 he participated in The Voice Iceland and in 2017 he was a backing singer at the Icelandic Eurovision selection Söngvakeppnin.
After Eurovision Ari will continue his musical studies at the London Royal Academy Of Music.

Þórunn Erna Clausen
In 2011 songwriter Þórunn (Thorunn) Erna Clausen wrote the lyrics to Coming Home / Aftur Heim, the song to be performed by her husband Sjonni Brink in the Söngvakeppnin of that year.
You know the sad story: Sjonni died just before the national contest and a group of his friends performed the song and went on to the Eurovision final.
She wrote at least eight Söngvakeppnin from 2011 on.
Þórunn will be on stage with Ari as pianist an backing vocalist. She will also direct the staging.
The CD and cdsingle of Sjonni Brink and Sjonni's Friends are still available here at BeaRecords.

Söngvakeppnin 2018
Iceland's Eurovision entry was selected in the Söngvakeppnin 2018 final on March 3.
12 songs were competing. All have been recorded in Icelandic and 11 of them also in English. You can listen to all songs here at RÚV's Eurovision pages.
All songs have been released through digital sources.
The releases include Icelandic versions, English versions, Icelandic karaokes and English karaokes.

Digital album image
Our Choice - English version
- also on the official Lisbon 2CD
Our Choice - remix version (by StopWaitGo)
Heim - Icelandic version
Our Choice - karaoke
Heim - Icelandic karaoke
- all digital releases

Links and sources:
Thanks to Davíð Lúther at Ari's HQ. Thanks to Frederick.
Ari Ólafsson: Facebook, Instagram
RÚV Eurovision pages
Icelands recent Eurovision tunes: 20172016 - 2015 2014 - 2013 - 2012 - 2011 - 2010 - 2009

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Croatia - Crazy - Franka

Digital release image
17 - 63 pts in semi 1

Franka participated in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest for Croatia.
Her song Crazy is written by Branimir Mihaljević with lyrics by Franka (Franka Batelić) herself.
A digital single is released on March 9 along with the instrumental version.
Watch and listen here

An acoustic version subtitled Midnight Session was released on April 25.
Remixes were released on may 4.
See full list of versions below.

No cdsingle or promo cd was issued.
A USB stick with audio's, video, bio's and photos was used for promotion in Lisbon.

S Tobom
On December 8 Franka released her album S Tobom. (Karpo Media CD 10181202)
It includes Crazy and the Midnight version of the song.
I've seen the CD available at a few Croatian online stores like Cedeterija and Dancing Bear but I have no experience with buying (internationally) from these sources.
I bought mine through, after asking Franka's management but it is complex (they send you a bill first) and took two months to arrive.
And there's always digital.
CD S Tobom
Franka tried to get to Eurovision before. In 2009 she performed Pjesma Za Kraj (The final song) in the Croatian selection Dora and finished 7th.
In 2010 she ended 7th again in Dora with Na Tvojim Rukama (In your arms).
In 2011 she recorded one of the early versions that eventually became Celebrate (by Daria Kinzer). HRT shared this one to the public through soundcloud two years ago. Listen to it here.

Midnight session DRI
Songwriter Branimir Mihaljević co-wrote the 2010 Croatian entry Lako Je Sve by Feminnem.
This one didn't make it to the final ending 13th in the 2nd semi.

Crazy - single version
- Lisbon 2CD, CD S Tobom
Crazy - instrumental
- digital release, the official karaoke album has the same instrumental
Crazy - Midnight session
- single version and Midnight session on CD S Tobom
Crazy - Blacksoul & Mark De Line Remix
Crazy - Blacksoul & Mark De Line Dub Mix
Crazy - Blacksoul & Mark Instrumental mix
Crazy - Blacksoul & Mark De Line Radio Mix
- Remixes are digital releases (Karpo Media)

Picture from Franka's Facebook
Remixes DRI
Links and sources:
Franka: Website,  Facebook, Instagram
Croatia's songs from the past few years: 2017 -  2016 - 2013 - 2012 - 2011 - 2010 - 2009

Monday, March 25, 2019

Let's Get Physical

The first cdsingle of 2018
Here's a quick checklist of this year's physical releases (CD's, vinyl) available in the shops.
For promo and digital info please check each country's individual post.

it's very quiet still, on the cdsingle front but we have a limited edition vinyl: Italy.
Spain's cdsingle is out on March 23. Two of the pre-selection songs were also released as cdsingles.
Australia's cdsingle is expected on May 11. (better late than never)
Germany has a cdsingle planned for May 4.
Switzerland ZiBBZ sell their cdsingle in combination with their CD album It Takes A Village.

National Final Albums
Spain - All Spanish pre-songs are available on a special edition Operacion Triunfo 2CD
Also limited edition CDs of both Alfred and Amaia are released.
Sweden - Melodifestivalen 2018 is out on 2CD
Hungary - A Dal 2018 out on 2CD
Italy - Sanremo 2018 all songs on a 2CD
Portugal: 25 of the 26 Festival da Canção Cançãos are out on one CD

This Years Artists Albums
SuRie's Dozen
Poland - Gromee's album Chapter One is out now (March 16)
France - MM's album Vu d'Ici is out on April 20.
Netherlands - Waylons new CD has Outlaw On 'It. (April 13) CD and LP.
Italy - Both Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro have new albums in the shops (both on CD and LP).
Ermal Meta also released a live CDset with two versions of the Eurovision tune.
Germany - Dreamer: The Best Of Michael Schulte is out on May 3, CD and 2LP
Finland - Saara Aalto's CD Wild Wild Wonderland is out on April 27.
United Kingdom - SuRie released her album Dozen in 2019, the CD includes an exclusive new version of Storm.
Croatia - Franka's CD S Tobom has two verions of Crazy
Cyprus - A re-issue of Eleni's album Vasilissa includes three versions of Fuego including the Spanish one.
Sweden - Benjamin Ingrosso has released his CD Identification, also on limited edition vinyl.
Hungary - AWS released a CD Fekete részem including two versions of Viszlát Nyár. A live CD/DVD Madách also includes the Eurovision song.
Lea Sirk (Slovenia) released her album 2018 in 2018

Gromee seems happy with his CD
The Official Album and stuff
The 2CD with all 43 entries of 2018 was released on April 20.
The karaoke versions are available too, but only digital.
I guess the extravagant vinyl 4LP box of 2017 was a difficult seller, as there will be no similar release this year.
However, if you've got too much money, there's all kinds of other Lisbon 2018 stuff, t-shirts, sweaters, coasters, balloons, fridge magnets, still no condoms though, oh well....
The new Eurovision Board Game is not tied to this contest especially and will last a bit longer, so that may be a nice souvenir.
The DVD release is on June 23. It has three discs and will include unseen behind the scenes material (Universal)
The official site has a shop here.

The Essential Lisbon Handbook is out now, read all about it here.

Dos Abba a Salvador Sobral
If you're in Portugal you can check the bookstores for a new book on Eurovision. It's in Portuguese though, but if that doesn't trouble you...
Eurovisão: Dos Abba a Salvador Sobral by Nuno Galopim tells the 63 year old Eurovision story from a Portuguese perspective. If you're not in Portugal you can buy it at Fnac.
Author Nuno Galopim was the Portuguese commentator for the Kyiv contest and is now a creative consultant for the 2018 contest.
The book is available from May 4. (ISBN 9789896268541)

Portugal 12 Pts.
Another book from Portugal is Portugal 12 Pts by João Carlos Callixto and Jorge Mangorrinha. Inspired by the 2017 victory, this is a trip through Eurovision history with a focus on the Portuguese entries. The book is in Portuguese. (ISBN 9789727806423) and is avialable at Fnac from April 30 on.

Hungary - Viszlát Nyár - AWS

Digital Release Image Original version
21 - 93 pts, 10 - 111 in semi 2

AWS, metal band, represented Hungary in Lisbon.
Their song Viszlát Nyár (Goodbye summer) won the 2018 edition of A Dal.
AWS have been around since 2006 and have released three albums and a few EP's.

Viszlát Nyár was already released as a digital single on the 21st of October 2017.
An English version titled Summer Gone was revealed on April 19 (videoclip at AWS Youtube)
English was released to the digital stores on May 10 along with the acoustic version (in Hungarian)

A promo cds includes five versions, see versions below.
A USB stick with photos, mp3's, info and videos was also made for promotion.

A (dubstep-ish) remake / remix by Cloud9+ ft. AWS was released as a digital single on October 18.

AWS released their album Fekete Részem a few weeks after the contest. (CD: Edge Records EDGECD 282). This includes Viszlát Nyár in the original and acoustic versions.
A live album featuring an acoustic concert from September 27 was released on a CD/DVD set. This includes a live acoustic version of the Eurovision song (Edge Records EDGECDVD 288)

A Dal
Hungary continued their successful A Dal preselections to find a Eurovision entry for Lisbon.
30 songs, 3 heats, 2 semi finals and a final on 24 februari.
The 2CD with all 30 songs is out since February 2. (see picture below for tracklist. (MTVA 1271)

Viszlát Nyár - Eurovision version
- A Dal 2CD
Viszlát Nyár - original single version
- CD Fekete Részem
Viszlát Nyár - Eurovision karaoke
- all above digital releases
Viszlát Nyár - Acoustic version
- CD Fekete Részem
Viszlát Nyár - English version a.k.a. Summer Gone
- video
- all above on promo cds, all digital releases
Viszlát Nyár - Cloud9+ ft AWS
- digital release 18-10-18
Viszlát Nyár - Live acoustic
- CD/DVD Madách

Links and sources:
Thanks to Thomas.
AWS: Facebook, Instagram
A Dal Website,  Facebook
More about Hungary's entries here: 20172016 - 2015 - 2014 - 2013 2012 - 2011 - 2009
AWS at BeaRecords