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Moldova - My Lucky Day - DoReDoS

Digital Release Image
10 - 209 pts, 3 - 235 in semi 2

DoReDoS won the Moldovan  National Final O Melodie Pentru Europa on the 24th of February.
Their song My Lucky Day is written by Russian Eurovision star Philippe Kirkorov and Swedish songwriter/producer John Ballard.
Listen here at DoReDoS Youtube

A new version of the song was revealed on March 13. It's here.
The digital single was released on iTunes on March 23 and on Amazon on April 6.

The promo cd has nine versions, see versions below. It also has a bonus track Constantine and a video of MLD.

A Russian version is recorded (video) and a Romanian one may follow, watch this space.....
Remixes of the English and Russian version were released on May 11.
The Russian version was released as a digital single on May 18.

DoReDoS are Marina Djundiet, Eugeniu Andrianov, and Sergiu Mita.
They have two more Eurovision attempts to their name.
In 2015 they ended 6th in the Moldovan final with Maricica.
In 2016 they ended 4th with Funnyfolk

DoReDos composer and mentor Philippe Kirkorov is a bit of a Russian legend. He participated in the 1995 Eurovsision himself without much success but he has been involved with Eurovision on many occasions as songwriter, producer, jury and all round uncle. He co-wrote the Belorussian entry in 2007 (Work Your Magic by Koldun) and the 2008 entry for Ukraine (Ani Lorak's Shady Lady)
He also recorded many Eurocovers (coverversions of Eurovision songs), I'll see if I can get into that later....

John Ballard co-wrote several Eurovision entries: Azerbaijan 2013, Russia 2014, Russia 2016 and Greece 2017.
He also entered in the Swedish Melodifestival (as a singer) in 1983 and 1984.
In the 90's he wrote and produced several hits for Ace Of Base

Remix DRI
My Lucky Day - Eurovision version*
- On the Lisbon 2CD
My Lucky Day (a.k.a. Мой Счастливый День) - Russian version
- video
My Lucky Day - Shantel remix
- DoReDos youtube
My Lucky Day - Russian Shantel remix
My Lucky Day - Remix by Ra
My Lucky Day - DJ Katya Guseva remix*
My Lucky Day - DJ Katya Guseva remix (Russian)*
My Lucky Day - Shantel remix karaoke
My Lucky Day - Karaoke Instrumental *
- all above on promo cds, versions marked * have been released digitally
My Lucky Day - First version
- DoReDos youtube

Picture from DoReDos Facebook
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