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Slovenia - Hvala, Ne! - Lea Sirk

Promo cds
22 - 64 pts, 8 - 131 pts in semi 2

Lea Sirk won EMA 2018 and represented Slovenia in Lisbon with the song Hvala, Ne! (Thanks, No!).
The song is written by Lea Sirk, Anej Sirk and DJ Tomy DeClerque.
Watch and listen here at the EMA youtube channel.

All songs in the EMA were performed in Slovenian and Hvala, Ne! was performed in Slovenian in Lisbon.

A digital single was released on March 2.
A promo cds is made for Lisbon, it has the single version, karaoke and instrumental.

A jazzy version featuring the Tomi Purich Trio was released on May 14.

Slovenia selected the 2018 Eurovision entry through the 2 round EMA 2018.
16 in the first round from which eight proceded to the final on February 24.
The line up included previous Eurovision singers Tanja Ribič (1997) and ManuElla (2016)

Digital Release Image
Hvala, Ne! - single version
- digital release
Hvala, Ne! - Eurovision karaoke
- digital on the official karaoke album
Hvala, Ne! - Eurovision instrumental
- all on promo cds
Hvala, Ne! - TrapJazz version ft, Tomi Purich Trio
- digital release
The Eurovision version is different from any of the released versions. Obviously there's the break, but also the intro is cut and some beats are changed.

Picture from Lea Sirk's Facebook
Lea's EMA's
Lea Sirk attempted to get to Eurovision on three previous occasions but she didn't get very far:
2009 Znamenje Iz Sanj (Sign of dreams, 9th)
2010 Vampir Je Moj Poet (The vampire is my poet, 10th)
2017 Freedom (4th in semi final)
In 2014 Lea was a backing singer for Tinkara Kovač at the Copenhagen Eurovision.
So far Lea Sirk has released one album, Roža from 2014.

2014 CD Roža 
Links and sources:
Thanks to Marek.
Lea Sirk: Facebook, Website (new), Instagram
EMA Evrovizija Facebook
Slovenia in recent Eurovisions: 20172016 - 2015 - 2014 - 2013 - 2012 - 2011 - 2010 - 2009

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