Sunday, May 6, 2018

Bulgaria - Bones - Equinox

14 - 166 pts, 7 - 177 pts in semi 1

Bulgaria participated  in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest with the band Equinox. The song and artist were revealed on March 12.
The song is titled Bones.
Watch and listen here

Bones plus its karaoke and instrumental were released as a digital single on March 12.
A promo cds is issued. It has the Eurovision version, instrumental and karaoke.

The song is written by Borislav Milanov, Trey Campbell, Joacim Bo Persson and Dag Lundberg.
Campbell is a member of Equinox, Milanov and Persson were also behind the 2017 entry Beautiful Mess.

Equinox are Zhana Bergendorff, Vlado Mihailov, Georgi Simeonov, Johnny Manuel and Trey Campbell.

Remix Contest / Remixes
The Point Blank Music School and Symphonix International organized a remix contest for the Bulgarian entry.
A pack of remix stems was released to help you create your remix.
Entries were uploaded by the mixers to Soundcloud, if you'll do this search you'll find most of them.
The top three will be released through Symphonix international.
Four mixes (by Three DJs) have been released digitally, so I guess they won the competition. (DJ Burlak, DJ Kuaga and DJ Dagge)

Bones - Studio version
Bones - Karaoke
Bones - Instrumental
- digital releases, all on promo cds
Bones - DJ Burlak remix radio
Bones - DJ Burlak extended remix
Bones - DJ Kuoga remix
Bones - Dagge Dance remix
- digital releases

Bulgarian top 40: 37, 38, 30, 16, 28, 39, -

Links and sources:
Equinox: Facebook
BNT Bulgaria: Eurovision websiteFacebook, Instagram
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