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Greece - Oneiro Mou - Yianna Terzi

Digital release image
14 - 81 pts in semi 1

Gianna (or Yianna*) Terzi (Γιάννα Τερζή) represented Greece in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest.
A National Final with five songs was planned but after two disqualifications and two not paying the contribution only Terzi was left.

The song is Oneiro Mou ( Όνειρο μου, My dream) written by Aris Kalimeris, Dimitris Stamatiou, Mihalis Papathanasiou and Gianna Terzi herself.
Listen here at Panik records Youtube

Oneiro Mou was a released as a digital single on Februari 16.
*The digital stores use the name Gianna, her own website and FB say Yianna.

A promo cds was issued, it features the Eurovision version, karaoke and instrumental.
The digital release writes the title as Oneiro Mou, the promo reads Oniro Mou.

An English version, Eternity, was released on June 6 as a digital single.

On june 16 a Remix pack with seven remixes was released through all your favorite digital sources.

Remixes DRI
Oniro Mou - single version
- digital release, Lisbon 2CD
Eternity - English version
- digital release
Oniro Mou - karaoke
- digital on the official karaoke album
Oniro Mou - instrumental
- promo cds
Oniro Mou - AzeR remix
Oniro Mou - Jasmin's Club mix
Oniro Mou - PADE Remix
Oniro Mou - DJ Piko & Giannoussis remix
Oniro Mou - Pilarinos & Karipidis remix
Oniro Mou - T-Bat deep mashup
Oniro Mou - V Koutonias - DJ Pitsi remix
- all remixes are digital releases. 

English version DRI
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Thanks to Frederick
Yianna Terzi: Website, Facebook, Instagram
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  1. There is also official remix released on 6.7.2018 and can be found from youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Au1k25Sewdk and spotify


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