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Austria - Nobody But You - Cesár Sampson

promo cds
3 - 342 pts, 4 - 231 pts in semi 1

César Sampson's Nobody But You was the winner of the jury in the Lisbon final.

Already in December ORF introduced Cesár Sampson as the singer of the Austrian Eurovision entry for Lisbon.
Singer and songwriter Sampson already had a little Eurovision experience: He was a backing vocalist for the Bulgarian entries of 2016 and 2017.

Nobody But You is written by Boris Milanov, Sebastian Arman, Joacim Persson and Johan Alkenäs.
Milanov and Persson were also behind the Bulgarian entries of 20182017 and 2016.
(Arman was a co-writer in 2016 too)

The video was revealed on March 9, the digital single was released on March 10.
Karaoke and instrumental were added on March 28.
Watch and listen here.
Remixes will be released soon, watch this space.....

A promo cds is issued. It has the original, instrumental and karaoke versions.
The picture discs offered at e-bay are counterfeit, unofficial, without permission, illegal etc. Don't buy them.

Nobody But You - The EP
A digital EP was released on June 29. It has three previously unreleased versions plus the original karaoke and instrumental.

Digital Release Image
Nobody But You - single version
Nobody But You - karaoke version
Nobody But You - instrumental version
- digital releases, all on promo
At the contest the intro was cut and it opens with the vocals.
Nobody But You - blues version
Nobody But You - acoustic version
Nobody But You - DJ Burlak remix
- digital releases

Austria top 75: 64, 1, 13, 41, 45, -
Sweden top 100: 55, -
Germany top 100: 93, -
France top 200 (Ifop): 97, -
Switzerland top 100: 45, -
Spain Physical+Digital sales top 50: 16, -
Spain top 100: 80, -

Alternate Digital Release Image
Links and sources:
Thanks to ORF for the prize!, Thanks to Marek.
Cesár Sampson: Facebook, Instagram
Austria's Eurovision glory: 20172016 - 2015 - 2014 - 2013 - 2012 2011

At the end of the 2014 Conchita post at the Copenhagen Collection you can find a list with all charts results of Austrian entries in the home charts. (1965 to 2017)

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