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Denmark - Higher Ground - Rasmussen

Second DRI
9 - 226 pts, 5 - 204 in semi 2

Higher Ground by Rasmussen was the 2018 Eurovision entry for Denmark. The song is written by Niclas Arn and Karl Eurèn.
The song is sung in English but there's one line in Icelandic sung by the backing vocals: "Taka stökk til hærri jörð, taka" (Take a jump to the higher ground, take...)

Higher Ground has been released as a digital single along with instrumental and karaoke versions.
On May 9 the Acoustic version was released along with it's karaoke, instrumental and acapella.

Four remixes were released on May 15 under the tantalizing title of Higher Ground Remixes Vol. 1. (digital release, see versions below)

A counterfeit, fake, illegal cdsingle has been spotted, don't buy it. No physical release or promo was made.

Acoustic versions DRI
Jonas Flodager Rasmussen a.k.a. Bon Jonesy is the lead singer of rock cover band Hair Metal Heröes.

Higher Ground - single version
Higher Ground - karaoke
Higher Ground - instrumental
- first digital release.
Higher Ground - Acoustic
Higher Ground - Acoustic karaoke
Higher Ground - Acoustic instrumental
Higher Ground - Acoustic acapella
- Acoustics are digital releases (May 9)
Remixes Vol 1 DRI
Higher Ground - Renegade remix
Higher Ground - 5&Dime remix
Higher Ground - 5&Dime remix extended
Higher Ground - Dany Comaro remix
- above 4 remixes digital in Remixes Vol. 1 (May 15)
A Matt Pop remix and its instrumental have been made but have not been officially released (yet). Have a listen at Matt Pop's Youtube.

Danish Tracklisten top 40: 9, 15, 30, -, 10, 40
Sweden top 100: 29, 74, -
Germany top 100: 89, -
France top 200 (Ifop): 65, -
Switzerland top 100: 43, -
Austria top 75: 49, -
Spain Physical+Digital sales top 50: 50, -

Denmark announced their list of hopefuls for the 2018 contest on January.
The songs are released on February 5, the final is on February 10.
It seems most are now available outside Denmark. Higher Ground is available worldwide, but the Sannie song isn't.

One of the contestants was Sannie, the artist formerly known as Whigfield. I have so many fond memories of her 1994 hit Saturday Night. She didn't make it to the final three.
The full list is here at DR.

1st Digital release image
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Thanks to Marek and to Marsman (see comments) and to Frank
Rasmussen: Hair Metal Heröes Facebook, Bon Jonesy Instagram
DR Eurovision / MGP pages
Denmarks recent entries: 20172016 - 2015 - 2014 - 2013 2012 - 2011 - 2010 - 2009 

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  1. There are two remixes available by Matt Pop; the Matt Pop Remix Edit (02:49) & the Matt Pop Remix (03:29)


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