Sunday, February 25, 2018

Latvia - Funny Girl - Laura Rizzotto

Digital Release Image
12 - 106 pts in semi 2

Funny Girl by Laura Rizzotto is the Latvian entry for the 2018 Eurovision.
Laura won the four round Supernova contest on February 24. She wrote and produced the song herself.

Funny Girl was released as a digital single on December 6 (2017).

Laura Rizzotto has released two albums so far:
Made In Rio in 2011 and Reason To Stay in 2014.
Although she has Brazilian roots, her previous albums are more country-tinged than anything Bossa.
In 2017 she released a 4-track EP Ruby which is a departure from her country flavor and is more in the style of the Eurovision song.
She has recorded several of her songs both in English and Portuguese so might we see a Portuguese version of Funny Girl someday?

Funny girl - single version
- digital release
Funny girl - first version
- was on Supernova website
Funny girl - karaoke version
- digital release
Two remixes by [Ex] Da Bass can be downloaded at [Ex] Da Bass' Soundcloud

The 2017 Ruby EP (DRI)
Links and sources:
Laura Rizzotto: Website, Facebook, Instagram
Supernova pages
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