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Australia - We Got Love - Jessica Mauboy

Cd single cover
20 - 99 pts, 4 - 212 in semi 2

Jessica Mauboy represented Australia in the 2018 contest. It was the 2nd time we saw her on the Eurovision stage: She performed her single Sea Of Flags in Copenhagen (2014) when she presented Australia in the interval of the 2nd Semifinal.

The song We Got Love is released as a digital single on March 10. (Sony)
A cdsingle is out now (May 11). The single version is longer than the Eurovision version. (see versions below).
Check out Jessica's website for details on ordering.
(Sony Music Australia 19075837742)

7th Heaven DRI
A 7th Heaven remix is made and approved and will hopefully get a decent release soon.
There's a snippet here.
Four remixes were released (digital) on May 18, see versions below.

We Got Love is written by David Musumeci and Anthony Egizii (both of DNA Music) with Jessica Mauboy herself.
Musumeci & Egizii also wrote the Australian songs of 2016 and 2017 so they're fast becoming the Ralph Siegel or Thomas G:Son of Australia.

Jessica Mauboy scored 25 times on the Australian charts (9 top 10 hits) since her debut in Australian Idol in 2006.
She currently stars in the TV series The Secret Daughter for which she also recorded two albums with music from the shows. The first Secret Daughter album reached No. 1 in the Australian album charts, the 2nd one got to No. 2. Both albums feature mostly coverversions of well known hits.(but no Eurovision tune in sight).

Tobtok remix DRI
We Got Love - Eurovision edit
- official Lisbon 2CD
We Got Love - single version (3:22)
- digital release, (forthcoming) cdsingle
We Got Love - 7th Heaven remix 
We Got Love - Tobtok remix
We Got Love - Glammstar remix
We Got Love - Country Club martini Crew remix
- remixes digital releases, all are radio edits
We Got Love - 7th Heaven remix *
We Got Love - Tobtok remix *
We Got Love - Glammstar remix *
- * these three remixes are the full mixes only distributed to DJ's
We Got Love - karaoke version
- digital on the official karaoke album

Australian top 100 (Aria): 47, -, 31, -
Sweden top 100: 86, -
France top 200 (Ifop): 148, -
Spain Physical+Digital sales top 50: 44, -

Digital Release Image
Links and sources:
Thanks to Marsman and to Frederick
Jessica Mauboy: Website, Facebook, Instagram
More Australia: 2017 - 2016 - 2015 - (2014)

You'll find details on all Eurovision remixes made by 7th Heaven at the end of the 2017 U.K. post about Lucie Jones

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