Saturday, May 26, 2018

Switzerland - Stones - ZiBBZ

3 track cdsingle
13 - 86 pts in semi 1

Sister and brother duo ZiBBZ (siblings, ZiBBZ, get it?...) entered their song Stones for Switzerland in the Lisbon contest.
They wrote the song themselves with Canadian singer/songwriter Laurell Barker.

The original version of Stones was released as a digital single on January 9.
A new version was revealed on March 13.
The new version was released as the Revamp version on March 23 along with its karaoke and instrumental (6003 records). (iTunes)
The version we heard at the contest is the Show Edit from the promo cds. (see below)
The promo also has biographies, videos and photos.

Promo (folder)
ZiBBZ are Corinne Gfeller (Coco) and Stefan Gfeller (Stee). They are currently based in Los Angeles where they recorded their second album It Takes A Village which was released in September 2017.
See full discography below.

Switzerland had six songs to choose from in their ESC 2018 Entscheidungsshow on February 4.
You can listen to all songs here at SRF's Youtube channel.

Promo and cdsingle
The promo used in Lisbon is a cd with added data content. It comes in an A5 folder.
This one has 4 versions of Stones (see versions below).
There's also a cdsingle on sale through the Zibbz website, available with the album It Takes A Village.
This cdsingle has three versions. (6003 Records 7896600318019)

Stones - Show edit
Picture from Zibbz shop/website
- promo only, this is the one used at the contest
Stones - Revamp version a.k.a. Radio edit
- on the Lisbon 2CD, cdsingle and promo
Stones - (Revamp) karaoke
- cdsingle and promo
Stones - (Revamp)  instrumental
- cdsingle and promo
Stones - Original single version
- first digital release
- all are also digital releases except the Show edit

Switzerland top 100: 62, -

Original Digital Release Image
Links and sources:
Special thanks to Rico at ZiBBZ HQ and to ZiBBZ.
Thanks to Julia at SRF and thanks to Nigel
ZiBBZ: Website, Facebook, Youtube Channel, Instagram
SRF Eurovision pages
More Swiss entries to check out: 20172016 - 2015 - 2014 - 2013 - 2012 - 2011 - 2010 - 2009

ZiBBZ discography
2013: Ready? Go! (CD and digital, #14 on the Swiss charts)
2017: It Takes A Village (CD and digital, #11)
CD's are available at the ZiBBZ shop.
2011: WWW.Ahh
2012: One Shot
2013: Wake Up!
2013: Neonlights
2014: Dynamite Blonde
2014: Undone
2017: Paperplane
2017: Run
2018: Stones
All singles are available through digital sources. 

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