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Armenia - Qami - Sevak Khanagyan

Digital release image
15 - 79 pts in semi 1

Qami by Sevak Khanagyan is the winner Depi Evratesil, the Armenian selection for Eurovision.
Qami (Քամի, Wind) is written by Sevak Khanagyan himself with Anna Danielyan and Viktorya Maloyan.
You can listen to the first studio version here (youtube), the Eurovision version is here at's Youtube

The digital single was released on March 28.
A promo cds is issued.
A remix was released on May 7.

Sevak (or Seva) Khanagyan (Սևակ Խանաղյան) has been doing his talent shows: He participated in The Voice Of Russia, won X-Factor Ukraine and is now a judge/coach on The Voice Armenia.
In recent years he has been releasing several (digital) singles, some in Armenian, most in Russian.
His most recent release is Yesli Vdrug (Если вдруг, If suddenly).
His most popular song is probably Hayrenik (Հայրենիք, Homeland) from 2016.
Picture from Sevak's Facebook
20 songs were participating in this years Armenian selection Depi Evratesil (Դեպի Եվրատեսիլ) .
You can listen to all the songs here at's Youtube channel.

Remix DRI
Qami - Eurovision version
- digital release
Qami - Remix
- digital release
Qami - Original version
- videoclip only
Qami - karaoke (= instrumental)
- digital on the official karaoke album

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