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Norway - That's How You Write A Song - Alexander Rybak

Digital Release Image
15 - 144 pts, 1 - 266 pts in semi 2

Former contest winner Alexander Rybak returned to the Eurovision stage. He even won the second semi final but only ended up 15th.
His self-penned entry That's How You Write A Song won the Norway's Melodi Grand Prix 2018 on March 10.
The song was released as a digital single on January 15.
Watch the full video version here.

A remix by D'Dorian (Knut Bjørnar Asphol) was also released.

No physical release or promo is planned.

As most (all) of you will know, Alexander Rybak was the winner of the 2009 contest held in Moscow. His Fairytale broke all the records pointwise and he even got a decent European hit out of it. Fairytale was a No. 1 in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Belgium. It reached the top 10 in The Netherlands, Germany, Switserland, U.K. and Ireland.
It also scored on various charts in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania and Uzbekistan. And it was a No. 67 in Australia!
Rybak recorded several versions of his 2009 song including a Russian one and  a new duet version in English and German in 2017.
You can read all about this Eurovision classic here at the Moscow Collection.

After the Eurovision victory in 2009 Rybak released five albums. He mainly focussed on the home market with his Norwegian language folk albums from 2011 and 2015.

Remix DRI
That's How You Write A Song - single version
- digital release
That's How You Write A Song - full video version
- video, has a different intro, this one is also uploaded at
That's How You Write A Song - D'Dorian remix
- The D'Dorian remix was released (digitally) on March 9. 
That's How You Write A Song - instrumental
- digital release
That's How You Write A Song - karaoke
- digital on the official karaoke album

Norway VG lista top 40: 28, 36
Sweden top 100: 58
France top 200 (Ifop): 128

Remember this one?
A few familiar names were in this year's 10-song line up of the Norwegian Melodi Grand Pris held on March 10. Aleksander Wallmann (singer with JOWST), Stella Mwangi (now in a duo) and of course Alexander Rybak.
You can listen to the songs here at NRK. All songs have also been released for digital purchase.

Links and sources:
Alexander Rybak: Website, Facebook, Instagram
Alexander Rybak at BeaRecords
NRK MGP pages
Norwegian entries From Rybak to Rybak:  2017 - 2016 - 2015 - 2014 - 2013
 - 2012 - 2011 - 2010 - 2009

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